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Of all the walks I’ve done in Asturias this is the walk I’ve done the most times, about 20 in total and it was just as lovely as ever doing it again today. This is our closest mountain range so that’s one of the reasons why I’ve done this walk so many times,  but also this is an absolutely stunning walk with views of many of the mountain ranges in Asturias from the Picos de Europa to the Ubiñas as well as a large section of the coastline.

Sun rise over the Picos de Europa as seen from the Mirador del Fito

The Sueve is a coastal range with its highest point; the Pico Pienzu, only 3kms from the sea. This means it’s very prone to changeable weather conditions with clouds and mists that come and go with very little warning. However it’s often quite possible to climb through these mists into brilliant sun and look down on a stunning sea of clouds.

The look out point "Mirador del Fito" at the start of the walk

This morning I looked at the Sueve range from lower down near Arriondas and I could see the start of the walk the Mirador del Fito engulfed in mist blowing of the sea but the upper flanks were in brilliant sun. I decided to do walking anyway and true enough when I arrived at the Mirador del Fito there was a cold mist swirling around allowing only an occasional glimpse of the nearby hills, much to the annoyance to the many tourists who come to this view point considered one of the best in Asturias.

View from Mirador del Fito towards the coast

The first part of the route goes round three little hillocks and I walked this part quite fast and I soon arrived at the Bustaco meadows where suddenly the cool mist vanished giving way to a hot sunny day. It was mid day with a lot of hot sun beating down on me and this is where the ascent starts; 500m to climb, not like me to do the hard climbing in the warmer hours of the day but I hadn’t been able to leave earlier today. First there’s a climb up a track to the second meadow on to last water trough before the final ascent to the cross. There’s no real path on the last section just a matter of tacking up the mountain side appreciating the views as you go.

Horses on the summit of el Pico Pienzu

On the summit there were 3 horses posing with a spectacular backdrop of a sea of cloud over the coast: truly stunning making the hot slog well worthwhile. After a short rest and bread roll I headed back down to the Bustaco meadow and rather than return to the Mirado del Fito I followed the track and paths back to the hotel. First through a small Eucalyptus forest, then after crossing the main road following small tracks to Bodes and finally along the delightful stream side path back to the hotel. A really lovely end to what must be one of my top walks.

Technical Information

Contour Profile Mirador del Fito – Pico Pienzu – Hotel

Map Mirdor del Fito, Pico Pienzu, Hotel Posada del Valle

Download GPS trail from Wikiloc

Self guided walking notes available from the hotel

Type of walk A to B or there and back or circular
Starting Point Mirador del Fitó or hotel
Finishing Point Mirador del Fitó or hotel
Access 6km to Mirador del Fitó 10minutes by car
Public transport options No buses only taxi
Grading Medium starting at mirador not doing the peak, medium to difficult starting at mirador and doing the peak and finishing at the hotel, difficult to very difficult starting and finishing at the hotel and doing the peak
Total Length Mirador to hotel including summit 13,7km (excluding summit 8,1km)
Circular walk from hotel including summit 18km
Total Ascent Mirador to hotel  645m ascent 1120m descent (500m corresponding to the optional ascent to the summit)
Circular walk from hotel 1080 m ascent
Altitude 582 – 1154 – 170
Total Walking time Mirador to hotel 5 ½ hours (including 2 ½ hours for summit)
Circular walk from hotel 7 hours
Terrain Very varied
Navigation Easy, except for final ascent of the summit
Refreshments Kiosk at the Mirador del Fitó
Map Mapa Topográfico nacional de España:  Colunga

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