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I’ve lived in Spain for over 30 years now, 16 of which have been spent here in Asturias. Along with the family I run a small hotel; Posada del Valle which is surrounded by its own organic farm.

I consider myself very lucky living in this most beautiful part of Spain and having time to enjoy and explore it .  I love walking and normally go walking once or twice a week depending on other commitments (and any aches or pains.)

Me in the mountains above the Carres Gorge

I also enjoy growing vegetables in a sustainable way and I am very much against industrial farming. I try to avoid eating food produced in an industrial way and  haven’t eaten food of animal origin (except an occasional egg from our chickens) for about 4 years now.

Nigel turning the compost heap next to our vegetable plot.

Much to a lot of my fellow walkers’ amazement I find I have very high energy levels with my diet and have no problem walking 8 to 10 hours a day with quite challenging ascents.

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  1. Naama Brenner says:

    Hi !
    It was interesting to read your blog as we are trying to plan a several-day-hike going betweein the refugios of Picos de Eruopa.
    I wanted to consult with you about this planning; we read at least one blog which gave us the impression that hiking alone and finding the paths from maps is very difficult, one can easily get lost and the weather is tricky. Therefore we are considering the options of hiring a private guide or seeking assistance of local experts in planning our route.
    Could you help by giving some information- how is it possible to do this?
    thanks in advance

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